Prevent Another Workplace Accident

Accident reporting and investigation in Victoria & Cuero, TX

If there's been an accident at your workplace, you need to investigate it right away. Chappell Safety Training Center will represent your company after an accident occurs.

Our years of experience in the oil industry and in-depth knowledge of safety regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration make Chappell Safety Training Center the perfect choice for accident investigation representation.

Call 361-580-1900 today to learn how Chappell Safety Training Center can help protect your company's reputation after a workplace accident.

3 things we can provide during your accident investigation

3 things we can provide during your accident investigation

After an accident, you'll need to schedule an investigation immediately. Your company will need a safety expert to prepare the report. Hire Chappell Safety Training Center to provide:

  1. Expert OSHA safety trainings
  2. Witness testimony in court cases
  3. Photos, interviews and reports of the accident

You don't have time to wait-reach out to Chappell Safety Training Center as soon as possible to get started on your accident investigation in the Victoria & Cuero, TX area.